Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready for Better?? It's Coming

Better is coming soon.

The Ready for Better Thursday Blog Series is in the midst of a tranformation :)

Please stay tuned!!

What's to come??

  • a whole new website/blog/utopia 
  • wider range of subject material
  • guest bloggers!! Maybe YOU!!!
  • richer, deeper, more colorful, and funner(ha!) mental "weirdness" from yours truly, the king of weird!!
I sincerely hope that the newness on the horizon will bring you a more valuable experience that engages, entertains and tickles the brain!

Thanks for being AWESOME!! I know that every eye on these words belongs to someone who is!!


Aaron Nichols

True North Financial Fitness Coaching
785-218-6134 ** new domains coming soon**

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